Long-established confectionery manufacturer
founded in 1793.
Nagsaki Castella
7th President
Atsushi Mori

Atsushi Mori is 7th President.
In Isahaya, reclamation project was major and growing rice since the Edo period. Dejima in Nagasaki city imported a lot of sugar from overseas. Isahaya city flourished as a post-station town. The rice and the sugar…That is the roots how to start making Okoshi.
Okoshi became popular along with spreading sugar out around Japan, many people not only in Isahaya but also in other areas came to eat Okoshi.
We began to make Nagasaki Castella, Nagasaki traditional sweet, since 1974.
There are various products, inspired by castella, such as “Castella Rusk”. “Hanjuku-Nama-Castella”(Rare Castella) was launched in November 2009 and the total sales are 350,000. We expanded the market to overseas, and it becomes hugely popular especially in Thailand and Hong Kong.
Twelve years ago, I became the President.
Looking back, I have tuckled new things boldly.
When “Raw”and “Rare” products were trend in Japan, we jumped on the bandwagon and began to sell “Rare Castella”
The eye-catching packaging design
“Castella Zanmai” has unique packaging design which is printed of castella itself.
“Dejima Coffee Castella” is reproduced the taste and aroma of coffee precisely by collaborating with barista.
“Puchi OKOC” has a new packaging which is popular among young people.
We expanded into overseas markets in several countries starting with Korea.
Fortunately, we could find a good business partner in Thailand and started to export.

Thanks to everyone’s support, we are approved plans to operate with utilization regional resources by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
There’s no end if I try to give examples, they flashed before my eyes.
Isahaya is the place where “Relatives” the movie, the original was written by Shinichi Ichikawa was shot.
Our mission is to pass on the Isahaya culture through Moricho products, so we have been making confectionaries in the past 226 years.
Over the years, Moricho has become increasingly active in confectionery. We incorporate innovation and challenging spirit, continually strives to contribute to make its customers smile.
We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.
Thank you.

November 9th,2019
Message from the President Atsushi Mori is 7th President.

I will never forget that day.

I was struggling to begin something new after a year I became the 7th president.
I began to sell our products on the Internet, e-commerce. “Nama” (rare) was the trend in Japan in those days.
Coincidentally, we already had a “Rare” product.
“Rare Pao de Lo” was launched 2001. We sold in Nagasaki Amu Plaza of the Nagasaki station building.
It’s Portuguese specialty which is a model of castella.
It’s very popular and sold 50 packs a day, but the problem was it had short expiration-date. Then we improved the product.
To storage in frozen was a good solution to compensate for it.
We started selling them as “Torokeru Nama Castella (Melty Rare Castella)” about two months after its conception.

Castella Zammai
Second chance has come.
The one day in the summer of 2012, Mr.Nagae, the President of Showado Inc., proposed us a new packaging design.
It’s 3D scanned castella design as if there was a piece of castella right here.
It’s very attractive design but I couldn’t decide to progress that proposition because there’re some negative opinions within our company.
“It’s intriguing”. One word from the former president encouraged me to move on.
The rest of issues are product’s specification and naming. The unprecedented idea that cutting castella into three slices came up from our Product Development Department.
The source of the name “Castella Zanmai” is according to design itself.
The sales was unpredictable but it turned out, honey flavor castella is to be sold over 1 million boxes.
We deeply appreciate their contributions to make us to notice that product’s packaging makes change its sales dramatically.

Our domestic sales have leveled off in 2013.
Nagasaki prefecture began to support companies exporting to Asia at that time. We had never had experience overseas so we started research overseas market first.
After we have kept plugging away, we had the first pop-up store in Thailand in 2014. Furthermore, we got offer to sell in Hong Kong and other countries.
One day, we got a huge order from Japanese sales Agency.
Surprisingly, it’s 10,000 packs, a full of 20 feet container, were exported to Korea.
We exported to 11 areas in 9 countries since then.
However, we got some problems when our work seemed on the right tracks. For example, export restrictions in EU, problems with contact and visa-related matter in Hong Kong. We had no choice but to scale back our sales.
Moricho corporate with Wakatam Inc., since 2019 to focus on Thailand as the export destination in that year. There are about 3,000 Japanese restaurants in Thailand. Now our aim is to sell our products as desserts there.
We promise to keep on spreading Japanese culture into the world through castella, overcoming barrier of language.

Isahaya city is rich in nature where is located the middle of Nagasaki prefecture, Ariake Sea in the east, Omura bay in the west, and Tachibana bay in the south. It has vast reclaimed land and fertile hilly area.
Nagasaki Kaido was a road started from Nagasaki, unloaded sugar at Nagasaki Dejima(in the Edo period) transported to Osaka, Tokyo(Edo) through this road so this road was as known as Sugar Road.
Local sweets spread along the road, Okoshi which is made of rice and sugar became a main specialty in Isahaya because there is granary area.
I believe that Ryukichi Mori, our founder, felt like he had to provide products which were unique to Isahaya nature for visitors. It was this spirit that led him to actively start to making Okoshi with rice grown in Isahaya reclaimed land 226 years ago.
It hasn’t changed in any era. We cherish a relationship with our hometown, Isahaya. We never stop pursuing ultimate quality of our products. We keep on making confectionaries with wholeheartedly.


Please take a look our products are made after many trials and errors while protecting tradition.

Moricho Okoshi

Okoshi, regular product that continue to has been making since the foundation. When you take a bite, you feel nostalgic. It remains very popular.
Moricho’s okoshi has been selected as teacakes which were served with tea to the Emperor Reiwa when he was Crown Prince.

Puchi OKOC

New Okoshi, is loved by people all ages.
Selected catchy name and cute packaging.
Taste crunchy, various tastes

Nagasaki Castella

Our regular products, Nagasaki Castella (honey flavor) got one of the most prestigious awards “Sado Iemoto Prize.”
There are more than 10 flavors such as honey, Maccha, coffee, and so on.

Hanjuku-Nama-Castella; Rare Castella

Moricho is the only castella maker which makes rare castella in Nagasaki.
It’s a top-seller product that has been sold 350,000 since the release in 2009.
The texture is creamy on the inside and moist on the outside, is made using of experience making Nagasaki Castella.

Japanese and Western confectionaries

Japanese and Western confectionaries are Moricho Original which are used experiences making Okoshi and castella.
Best quality sweets are available such as Dora Dora Maki and Castella Rusk.
Please enjoy our sweets

Corraboration with local companies

Moricho contributes to promoting regional development by selling Nagasaki special local products, such as Nagasaki Champon (Noddle dish) and Nagasaki Sara Udon (Noodle dish with fried udon noodles) made by Shirayuki Syokuhin, and so on.
You are able to purchase Nagasaki and Isahaya specialties at Moricho. Please stay tuned on our collaboration with local companies.

Process of making

Here’s the processes of manufacturing that we have been pursuing quality and taste at all costs

Process of making

Here’s the processes of manufacturing that we have been pursuing quality and taste at all costs
Company Overview
Store Information
Yasaka Machi Main Store
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Regular Holiday1st Jan. only
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Amu Plaza Store
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AddressAmu Plaza Nagsaki 1st Fl., 1-1, Ogami Machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, 850-0058
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History of Moricho

Founded in 1793

Ever since our establishment, Moricho has been protect the tradition and constant pursuit of innovation.